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Most property buyers often tend to buy through emotions, neglecting the numbers and neglect investment analysis. Properties is a traditional and safe way to multiply wealth through capital appreciation. However this is no longer true for all properties in Singapore. 

Buyer Services

Detailed Research & Analysis

We do our background research well to ensure your property purchase is done so in the smartest way possible. We are subscribed to professional real estate analytics tool to study the market trend, transactions data, estimated fair valuations and future potentials.

  • SRX’s investor tools
  • Edgeprop’s premium analysis
  • 99co’s advance analytical tools

Detailed planning on an excel sheets with my own formuals and calculators to analyze and compare the properties our clients shortlisted

Our Specialties

Property Financial Planning

How we helped our past clients
  • Sold a resale HDB to buy 2 condominiums
  • tax planning to avoid hefty ABSD
  • creative financing options to maximise loan amount
  • selling and buying concurrently to ensure our client only move once
  • asset restructured to maximize investment returns
  • invested in a property with little cash to generate passive income

Buyer Services

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Leverage on our expensive network and market expertise to get the best property deals.


Fast Response

We work fast and smart to get you the best deals in the market


Due Diligence

We research well to ensure the property is successfully transferred to your name.


Save Time

After understanding your criterias, we will be doing an extensive property search, calling and scheduling appointments to the properties you have shortlisted.

Save Money

With our premium property tools, we will negotiate for a price that you might not have thought possible. No commission is payable for private property buyers.

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